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COVID Antigen Test in Puerto Vallarta

Cheapest covid test puerto vallarta

Currently, health restrictions for international travellers include performing a COVID test prior to their flight back home, so here we will tell you about the most popular option if you want to travel to the United States: the COVID antigen test.

Covid test traveller puerto vallarta

Antigen or PCR?

Currently, US regulation requires all people, regardless of their vaccination status, to show a negative viral test for COVID. Among the viral tests available we have the antigen test and the PCR. We suggest using the antigen test since it is faster and cheaper to carry out and is fully accepted by the airlines.

When should the antigen test be done?

The CDC in the United States is very clear, the test can be performed one day before the flight, not 24 hours before, this means that if the passenger’s flight is on Friday at 12:00 pm, the passenger has all day Thursday to perform the test regardless of the time.

Do I need to print my antigen test results?

It is not totally necessary, you can show your result directly on your phone, but if you take your printed result it may be more agile for you to go through the airline counter.

What happens if I test positive?

positive covid result

According to the CDC guidelines, you must complete a 5-day quarantine (as long as you do not have symptoms on day 5) and from day 5 you can travel. Our suggestion is to travel on day 6 since we have had reports of patients who, due to lack of training for airport personnel, are not allowed to board on day 5. Remember, for this you must have your recovery letter which specifies the date of your positive test and also the date on which the letter is made to complete the 5 days of isolation.

Can I do a self-test at home?

cheapest covid test puerto vallarta

Some commercial brands are valid to be able to do the self-test but for that, you must have a video conference with a doctor assigned by the company that performs the test to certify your result, if you take a test without the endorsement of a certified doctor you will not have a valid result.

Likewise, if you perform a self-test because you presented symptoms and it came out positive, we recommend that you take a test with us or a laboratory to certify your positive result since to travel to the United States you must present a certified report of the first positive test that you received to prove the 5 days of isolation.

Services offered by Doctor At Home PV

With us, you can take your antigen test to be able to fly back home. We can go to your hotel, villa, AirBnB or condominium and we will take the sample to carry out your test, the cost of the test is 1000 pesos at home. We also have the option of performing the test in our office, click here to know the location, the cost of the test in our office is 600 pesos.

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