buccal fat removal puerto vallarta

Bichectomy (Buccal fat removal) Puerto Vallarta

In the following article, you will find relevant information about buccal fat removal in Puerto Vallarta, such as its benefits and its rare, although possible, complications.

In 1771 Marie François Xavier Bichat described the anatomy of the encapsulated fat found on the external part of the buccinator muscle.

The bichectomy or bichatectomy or buccal fat removal is the procedure with which part of this adipose tissue is removed, usually for aesthetic purposes since they make the patient appear to be overweight and not have harmony in the contour of the face.

Candidate patients for bichectomy are those patients with a round face disproportionate to their body mass index. And the criteria to ideally meet to be a candidate for the procedure are: of legal age, in good health, non-smoker, and realistic about the expected results of the surgery.

The benefits of buccal fat removal are, although not limited to these:

  • Slimmer cheeks
  • Improvement of facial appearance
  • More prominent zygomatic bone
  • Increased self-esteem
  • The feeling of greater security
buccal fat removal puerto vallarta

How is the procedure performed?

It is a quick procedure that can be carried out under sedation. An incision of approximately 5mm is made on the inside of the cheek, behind Stensen’s duct (the main duct through which the parotid discharges saliva). Through this incision, the capsule with the adipose tissue (Bichat Bag) is slowly extracted, at the end of the extraction the adipose tissue is detached, possible residues are aspirated, and the surgical wound is sutured.

 How is the recovery?

For recovery, anti-inflammatories and oral analgesics are usually used in addition to the application of ice in the area, prophylactic antibiotics are also left to avoid infections. After a few weeks, the swelling subsides.

What complications can you have?

The complication, although rare, can happen and the most common are Stensen’s duct injury (which causes saliva to be trapped in the cheek) and injury to the branch of the facial nerve found in that area (which causes paralysis and numbness)

Where can I have a buccal fat removal in Puerto Vallarta?

There are multiple places where the procedure can be performed, but the most important thing is to do it with certified specialists to minimize the risk of complications. At Doctor At Home PV we have an otolaryngologist with enough training to offer you the best results with the least possible risks. Do not hesitate and schedule your appointment with us

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