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COVID test in Puerto Vallarta

April 24, 2022

How to get a Covid test in Puerto Vallarta

Recently, the US government updated requirements for travelers to their countries due to the pandemic. The requirements included proof of no infection by SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) through a viral test, which can be PCR or Antigen test performed 1 day before the travel (NO 24 HOURS). Here we give you useful information to facilitate the process and decide which will be the best test for you. Here you will find information about the COVID test in Puerto Vallarta.

Covid test traveller puerto vallarta

Viral tests for COVID-19: PCR and ANTIGEN tests

PCR is one of the most common tests to detect COVID, this test shows DNA (obtained with a swab in the nose). It is the most accurate because it can detect virus DNA with a small number of copies of the virus within the sample.

The time of the process or wait to obtain the results usually lasts between 24 and 48 hours*.

Regular PCR: The cost is 2,500 pesos. The results are obtained the next day in the morning.

*Valid only for samples taken from Monday to Friday.

The PCR is accepted within the requirements for travelers to the US, Canada and other countries (ie Colombia).

COVID Antigen Test in Puerto Vallarta

The antigen test is one of the best tests for screening the virus in the population since it is faster and cheaper than PCR. This test detects antigens (virus envelope proteins are the most common antigens). When you take the sample, you just need to add antibodies that detect the antigens, and if there is a reaction, it means that the sample has the virus. Antigen tests are less effective than PCR because they depend on the number of copies of the virus within the sample (nasal swab). However, it is a good option to detect people with the virus within large groups. The main benefit of this test is the fast processing time. We recommend carrying out the antigen test two days before the flight in case of a positive result.

Antigen test: The cost is 1000 pesos. The results are done the same day.

Currently, the antigen test is only accepted for travelers to the US in accordance with CDC regulations.

You can see the requirements in the following link.

Doctor At Home PV Service:

To facilitate the process, you can contact us to make an appointment, and we can come to collect the sample at your home or help you find the closest laboratory to you.

Sampling at home is free in the Puerto Vallarta Area (see coverage areas in this

What if you recently recovered from COVID-19?

“The CDC does not recommend retesting within three months of a positive viral test, as long as you do not have symptoms of COVID-19. If you have had a positive viral test in the last 3 months and have met the criteria to end isolation, please travel with a copy of your positive test result and a letter from your doctor or health department stating that you have been cleared to to travel. .”

We can help you with a medical checkup and the issuance of the letter as well. The cost of this consultation is 600 pesos for each patient.

This option is only valid for travel back to the US.

How to book an appointment?

Just send a WhatsApp message to +52 322 220 or an email to

We will help you find the best date for sample collection to avoid problems on your trip.

Doctor At Home PV has the best option for COVID testing in Puerto Vallarta.