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Reducing Fall Risks in Older Adults: Insights from Dr. Adriana Turrubiates in Puerto Vallarta

At Doctor At Home PV, we take pride in introducing Dr. Adriana Turrubiates, our geriatrics specialist in Puerto Vallarta. In this feature, we address a crucial topic for the well-being of older adults: the reduction of fall risks. Discover why older adults face an increased risk of falls and the measures you can take to prevent fractures while ensuring proper care.

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Why Do Older Adults Have a Higher Risk of Falls?

The risk of falls in older adults can be attributed to various factors, such as decreased muscle strength, changes in balance and coordination, vision problems, and the presence of chronic diseases. The frailty associated with aging can increase vulnerability to falls.

Diseases that Increase the Risk of Falls:

Several medical conditions, including osteoporosis, neurological diseases, vision problems, and side effects of medications, can significantly increase the risk of falls in older adults. Detecting and managing these diseases is essential to reduce this risk.

Measures to Decrease the Risk of Falls:

  • Regular Physical Exercise: Exercise programs that include muscle strengthening and balance exercises can improve resilience and reduce the risk of falls.
  • Medication Review: Periodic medication reviews by a geriatric specialist can identify potential side effects affecting stability.
  • Safe Environment: Ensuring the home is free of obstacles, using non-slip rugs, and having adequate lighting are essential measures.

The Role of the Geriatrician:

Dr. Adriana Turrubiates plays a crucial role in fall prevention for older adults. She conducts comprehensive assessments, addresses specific diseases, and collaborates closely with other healthcare professionals to provide a holistic approach.

Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. Adriana Turrubiates:


For personalized advice on fall prevention and the care of older adults, schedule a consultation with Dr. Adriana Turrubiates. Send a message via WhatsApp. At Doctor At Home PV, we care about the health and well-being of older adults in Puerto Vallarta.

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