doctor for film Mexico
Excellent service for the recording set in places of difficult access.

You can have a doctor on set 24 hours a day to treat acute and chronic illnesses and work-related injuries.

The physician services on the set are:

  • Standing doctor on set
  • Medicine administration
  • Epidemiological control
  • Prevention of infectious diseases
  • Work Injury Management
  • Suture and wound healing
  • Control and supervision of medications for the cast
  • Patient transfer logistics
  • Rental and hiring of medical equipment and personnel
doctor for movie puerto vallarta
Keep the health of the cast in optimal conditions for the shoot

We know that the safety and well-being of your workers is a priority and that is why the medical service on the recording set is very important in any audiovisual production, especially in locations that are difficult to access, that is why you can count on the services of Doctor At Home at PV to keep the recording set safe.

medic on set Mexico
Your production will be safe thanks to the services of Doctor At Home PV


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