Prices and services

If you are looking for the price of medical consultation at home in Puerto Vallarta you are on the right page.

Our medical consultations have two modalities and two working hours.

Within the two modalities we find the mode without medication and the modality with medication. And our two work schedules are from 09:00 to 20:59 hours and from 21:00 to 08:59 hours, being evening and night respectively.

The costs of our consultations are:

  • Consultation without medication evening $500 pesos
  • Consultation with medication * Evening $800 pesos
  • No-medication night consultation $700 pesos
  • Consultation with medicines * Night $1000 pesos

* Limited to Maximum 3 medications per consultation either orally or intramuscularly.

The attention areas are marked in blue, if you need a domiciliary consult out of this areas, it’s an extra charge of 50%.

We have services of third parties with additional cost that are calculated at the time of the call as they are the service of ambulance, hospitalization, nurse at home and rent and sale of basic medical equipment.

If you want to contact us for a consultation  you only have to click on the link of our contact page